Zionist Forces Bombard Indonesian Hospital, 12 Patients Killed

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SurabayaPostNews – Israeli military launched a brutal attack Indonesian hospital in Gaza, unleashing a bomb that hit the second floor of the hospital, resulting in the deaths of 12 patients and one healthcare worker.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza stated that the World Health Organization (WHO) had evacuated 25 premature infants after the hospital was recently attacked and sabotaged by the Israeli military.

Israeli forces continue to try to prove allegations about a Hamas command center inside As Syifa Hospital. A video released by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) aims to support these claims, but the video has been confirmed as a compilation of edited footage used as a pretext for the assault on the hospital.

Near Rantisi Hospital in northern Gaza, Palestinian fighters successfully repelled Israeli special forces, destroying several vehicles and killing dozens of Israeli soldiers. This inflicted significant losses on the Israeli side.

Israeli military has been observed deploying a large number of troops to Rantisi Hospital, northern Gaza, to assist their besieged forces against Palestinian fighters.

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